Fighting For Custody? 4 Tips on What Not To Do During a Child Custody Battle

child custody battle

50% of children in North America will witness their parents getting a divorce.

Divorce is never easy for anyone, particularly children and their parents. As a parent, you’re just focused on providing the best life for your children.

In order to raise your children after divorce, you have to gain custody. While claiming custody is easy for some parents, others are forced into a custody battle.

If you want sole custody, you need to ensure you make no mistakes during this time.

What are some of the mistakes you should avoid? Here are 5 mistakes to never make during a child custody battle.

1. Don’t Arrive Late for Visits and Pickups

Arriving late to see your kids may seem minor, but it can impact you negatively in court. Your former partner can use this against you in court and it will look negative on your part.

Arriving late for visits aren’t the only thing to avoid. You should also never arrive late picking them up from school, from appointments, or on any other occasions.

2. Don’t Talk Negatively About Your Former Spouse

It may seem tempting to say bad things about your former spouse to your children, especially if they’re young.

Even if you’re not trying to turn them against their parent, you may feel the need to vent. However, you should always keep these feelings to yourself or share them with someone else.

Kids aren’t always the people to trust to keep their mouth closed. They can easily take what you said and repeat it to the other parent, without thinking it’s bad.

That parent can use those words against you in court, especially if you said anything vulgar.

3. Don’t Drink When You’re Around Your Children

Sure, you may not be drunk. Sure, you keep a case of beer in the fridge or have a mini bar, but only drink during the evenings or when guests come over. However, you should avoid alcohol when you’re around your children.

This can easily be documented and used against you, especially if you drink and get behind the wheel of your car with your kids.

4. Don’t Reschedule Time With Your Kids

Life happens and there are times when you really need to reschedule a visit or can’t pick them up, but try and not make a habit out of it. Like constantly arriving late, this makes you look bad and unreliable.

This can appear in court and could turn judges against you. The court may be in favor of your former spouse, especially if they stand by their word and they spend more time with the kids.

Win Your Child Custody Battle With the Help of a Lawyer

If you’re trying to win your child custody battle, there’s another mistake that many parents make — not hiring a lawyer.

A lawyer will represent you by finding your strengths as a parent and presenting them to the judge. With a lawyer present, the judges will see you’re a reliable parent who’s taking this child custody case seriously.

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