Divorce Do’s and Don’ts: How to Avoid These 7 Legal Mistakes During a Divorce

legal mistakes during divorce

Even though the rates of divorce have been decreasing over the years, it’s possible to find yourself among 50% of those who call it quits every hour. While no one enters a marriage expecting it to fail, mistakes happen, causing you and your soul mate to part ways.

As a result, divorce proceedings are usually overwhelming and stressful. With these tips and a good divorce lawyer, you can avoid disastrous legal mistakes during divorce.

1. Sending Hurtful Messages

People get married with the hopes of sharing a lifetime with their partner. Therefore, the end of a marriage tends to open a floodgate of mixed emotions. These emotions can cause you to act irrationally, driving you to send hurtful messages to your soon to be ex-partner.

On the surface, this might not seem like a big deal as couples fight now and then. However, this isn’t a typical couple’s fight. Such texts can be used as evidence by your ex’s attorney causing the divorce cost to skyrocket.

The best solution for this is to cut communications with your ex. Use your attorney as a bridge to them whenever necessary.

2. Accepting an Unappealing Settlement

Divorce proceedings aren’t only emotionally overwhelming but also expensive and lengthy. To escape the strain, most people take whichever settlement comes their way with hopes of changing it later.

Unfortunately, in most cases, “later” never comes. Therefore, work with your divorce attorney hand in hand until you get a fulfilling settlement.

3. Forgetting The Tax Factor

Divorcees tend to forget that the separation comes with tax consequences. Nowadays the divorcee paying alimony shoulders a majority of the taxes. Unfortunately, most of them will accept a high alimony figure without considering the tax costs that’ll be part of the parcel.

 Others forego alimony to keep a particular asset forgetting that the tax burden on it outweighs the benefits. Avoid such situations by hiring a divorce attorney to walk you through the process.

4. Unnecessary Spending

While going through a divorce process, it’s easy to reward yourself with a car or house that you’ve been eyeing. Again, while this is okay, retail therapy will only leave a big hole in your bank account. Therefore, take your time to see how the separation impacts your finances and then indulge later.

5. Resigning From Your Job

If you’re the spouse supposed to pay alimony, resigning from your job might seem like a good idea. Unfortunately, it’s the worst possible decision you could ever make. Why? First, you’ll lose your source of income.

Second, there’re costs associated with the process.  Third, you’ll still need a paycheck to cover your living costs. Lastly, resigning from your job to avoid paying alimony to your spouse is considered illegal.

This means you might end up landing in even more trouble. As much as you hate paying divorce money, keep your job as resigning is more problematic.

6. Not Having a Post-Divorce Financial Plan

Most divorcees tend to embrace their newly found freedom without a financial plan. While at a glance, it seems okay, having a financial plan is incredibly essential. This is because life after divorce won’t be the same.

For instance, if you were used to living lavishly, you’ll have to say Adios to some of your luxuries as you’ll be required to pay alimony.  Even if you’re the receiving spouse, it may not be enough to sustain your previous lifestyle. Therefore, it’s crucial that you have a plan to keep you up and running after the separation.

7. Remarrying

Remarrying is among the most common yet costly legal mistakes that divorcees make. While it’s okay to move on, take time to live with your first divorce as second and third marriages tend to have a higher divorce rate than first marriages.

In other words, your second marriage is a potential divorce bomb waiting to go off. Therefore, if the reason you’re breaking off your current marriage is to remarry, consult a marriage expert on how to avoid divorce in the future. Also, ensure you consult your attorney about divorce advice that’ll help reduce potential damage if your second marriage doesn’t go well. 

Discover More Legal Mistakes During Divorce

The above represent the tip of the iceberg when it comes to legal mistakes during divorce.

Unfortunately, these mistakes are often costly and affect your future negatively. If your marriage is on the rocks and you’re considering a divorce check us out to learn more about the process.