Criminal Defense Lawyer: Why You Need One In 2019

criminal defense lawyer

You’re in business with a new partner after disclosing your investment funds. The partner then accuses you of lying about the investment account. But you disclosed everything upfront. You’re not certain where the miscommunication is coming from.

He accuses you of fraud. He maintains that you got him to sign a contract under false pretenses. He talks about involving the police.

What do you do?

You should handle civil disputes in civil court. But criminal cases call for a defense attorney. An attorney can determine if charges against you could proceed in court. They’ll also let you know if you have a viable defense or if you can plea to lesser charges.

Even minor cases, such as traffic violations, require the expertise of a criminal defense lawyer. This article will show you some other reasons why you need a criminal lawyer to advocate on your behalf. Keep reading if you wish to know your legal options.

Reduced or No Jail Time

A criminal attorney at law can clearly articulate your defense in court. An experienced lawyer can also sway juries and argue against a prosecutor’s accusations.

Lawyers can keep you out of jail or reduce possible jail time by:

  • Working with judges or prosecutors for lesser sentences
  • Confronting eyewitnesses or accusers in court

Jail time disrupts your life and follows former prisoners after they enter society. Many convicts with criminal records cannot find housing or jobs due to their criminal records.

Criminal defense lawyers can also help the accused obtain bail.

Bail Hearings

To succeed in a bond hearing, find a local attorney who knows the intricacies of the local bond laws. Regardless of the criminal case, choose an attorney who is familiar with state and local laws.

A lawyer at a bond hearing can do the following:

  • Argue why a defendant should be out on bond instead of remaining in jail
  • Convince a judge that the defendant is not a flight risk

Attorneys can also invite family or friends to vouch for a defendant.

Hiring an attorney at bail hearings establishes a solid framework for your case going forward. That same attorney will also help you in case the charges go to trial.

Trials without a Criminal Defense Lawyer

Many experts agree that defendants should not represent themselves. Defendants are not as well versed in the law as attorneys are and could make mistakes during the trial. On the other hand, attorneys have more resources when it comes to supporting defense case.

  • Example: Lawyers typically have staff members who can research laws and previous cases that are similar to yours.

Moreover, lawyers can team with other colleagues to support your case.

What Type of Attorney Should I Look For?

When it comes to finding a criminal defense lawyer, search for one who has experience with the charges you’re facing. Further, find an attorney who has a track record of winning cases in court.

If you cannot afford a lawyer, many attorneys have payment plans for long-term cases.

If you’re facing a criminal matter, always consult with an attorney, even if you are not facing any charges. If you’re dealing with a criminal charge, contact us today to get a full understanding of your options.