Understanding Assault Charges and Their Consequences

Understanding Assault Charges and Their Consequences

An assault is usually regarded as a threat or any attempt to physically touch or offensively strike an individual regardless of whether the actual contact is made. However, assault only occurs if the victim is well aware of the threatening and is quite apprehensive about it happening imminently. Several law experts say that being afraid that someone might at some … Read More

Know the Difference between Homicide, Murder, and Manslaughter

Know the Difference Between Homicide, Murder, and Manslaughter

Killing is a capital offense in a court of law mostly attracting a death or life imprisonment sentence. However, different types of criminal homicides exist. Every state in the US has a distinct classification of homicide. The similarity in all states is that these criminal cases fall into three broad categories, namely: Murder Manslaughter Homicide If you or your loved … Read More

What to Do If a Member of Your Family Is Charged with a Crime

What to Do if a Member of Your Family is Charged With a Crime

It doesn’t matter if it has happened before or if this is the first time. Nor does it matter if your loved one is guilty or innocent. The arrest of a family member is a traumatizing, dramatic experience for the whole family. This is often the time when serious decisions are made, and big changes occur in everyone’s life. Emotions … Read More

All You Need to Know About Probation and Parole

All You Need to Know About Probation and Parole

Parole and probation are some alternatives to being incarcerated. For both, the person involved is supervised by an official and is expected to adhere to specific rules and regulations. These regulations are termed “conditions of parole” or “probation conditions,” and in both situations, the person is required to accept warrantless searches, which have no probable cause. What is Probation? Legally … Read More

Divorcing an Imprisoned Spouse in Maryland

Divorcing an Imprisoned Spouse in Maryland

Divorce is not easy both emotionally and legally. Anyone will require help during this time from family, loved ones, and a lawyer. As a Law office, we understand this, so we provide you with an overview of divorce in the state of Maryland as well as the associated processes, especially if the divorce grounds are criminal. The laws governing the … Read More

Juvenile Law: Common Misconceptions

Juvenile Law: Common Misconceptions

When you hear “juvenile law”, you probably think about delinquency cases. However, in the state of Maryland, juvenile law refers to three types of cases seen in the courts: Delinquency Children in need of assistance Children in need of supervision Out of the three types of juvenile cases seen in the Juvenile Court system, there are the most misconceptions surrounding delinquency. Common … Read More

Client Questions Answered: What’s the Difference between Assault and Battery?

Assault Vs. Battery

It’s easy to think that assault and battery are interchangeable terms, but the truth is that these two terms refer to two different situations. Both battery and assault are violent crimes against a person, but the punishments will vary depending on the degree and classification of the crime. In the state of Maryland, it is possible to receive both assault and … Read More

3 Things Everyone Should Know About Protective Orders

Domestic disputes seem to always go hand in hand with protective orders in Maryland. But before you file a protective order, here are three things everyone should know about these civil court documents. 1. Whether you file a peace order or a protective order depends on your relationship. There are certain criteria that must be met in order to file … Read More

The Kids Come First: Creating a Custody Agreement that Works for Everyone

When it comes to divorce, there are few more hotly contested issues than child custody. Even in the best of circumstances, creating a custody agreement that will work for everyone is often fraught with negotiations, concessions, and compromise. Fortunately, there are a few key principles that will help you create a custody agreement that works for everyone, especially the child … Read More

What You Need to Know About Drug Charges in Maryland

There are a number of different drug offenses that a person can be charged with. These can originate from either the federal or the state level. In many instances, a state drug charge is narrower in focus so that it doesn’t conflict with the federal laws that are on the books. In many cases, federal drug offenses result in long … Read More