A First-Time Divorcee’s Guide on How to Choose a Divorce Lawyer

how to choose a divorce lawyer

The American Psychological Association estimates the United States divorce rate to hover between 40% and 50%.

That staggering number means that roughly 1 out of every 2 couples is going to go through a divorce at some point in their life. 100% of those couples should seek the counsel of an experienced divorce attorney.

Going through a divorce is already difficult. Adding to that process needing to find an experienced lawyer to help guide you through things can make getting a divorce downright overwhelming.

Fortunately, finding the right lawyer comes down to a few simple steps that anyone can go through.

So, if you’re feeling in over your head right now, take a deep breath and follow our simple how to choose a divorce lawyer advice.

Step 1: Match Your Lawyer With Your Desired Process

Not every divorce proceeding is handled in the same manner. Couples choose to pursue mediation, litigation, a cooperative divorce or a collaborative divorce.

If you already know how you want your situation to be handled, it’s important that you find an attorney that’s experienced in your desired workflow and is open to helping you work through things the way that you’d like.

If you’re not sure which divorce process is best for you, you can ask your prospective attorney for advice.

Step 2: Understand Your Needs

The degree of entanglement you and your significant other share can have an impact on the kind of legal services you need during a divorce.

For example, if you and your partner share hundreds of thousands of dollars in assets and kids, you’re going to want to hire an involved, high-powered legal team to represent your interests.

If you and your spouse have little in assets, no shared property and no kids, you may just need legal advice to navigate your divorce.

An honest attorney should be able to advise during your initial consultation what degree of legal services might be best for you.

Step 3: Scope Out Your Options

The actual “finding a lawyer element” of the how to choose a divorce lawyer process can get tricky depending on where you live and your network.

To start scoping out your options, talk to friends and family members to see if they’ve worked with somebody that they’ve liked. Then, expand your search by reading about well-reviewed law firms online.

The Law Office of Jaimee C. McDowell prides itself on offering transparent information about its legal services, the experience it offers and its various professional affiliations.

Whichever law firm you choose to hire should do the same.

Step 4: Ensure Your Lawyer is Experienced in Family Law

A legal practitioner that regularly handles cases in the realm of family law is who you want representing your interests during a divorce. You don’t want to hire a firm that only handles divorces when their criminal law caseload is light.

You can read about our firm’s family law specialization and experience here.

Wrapping Up The How to Choose a Divorce Lawyer Process

Once you’ve found a lawyer that ticks the boxes above, meet with them and if they feel like a good fit for you, allow them to start managing your case!

Figuring out how to choose a divorce lawyer can be complicated. If you live in the state of Maryland, we’ll make your search simple.

No matter what your divorce-related needs are, The Law Office of Jaimee C. McDowell can take its years of legal experience to help protect your interests.

Contact us today to learn more about the value we can bring to your case.