7 Signs You Really Need to Hire a Child Custody Lawyer: Why Representing Yourself Isn’t Always The Best Option

child custody lawyer

Up to 50 percent of all American marriages end in divorce.

While separation is sometimes the only solution to unresolvable differences, dealing with its aftermath is usually the bigger hurdle for both parties.

Child custody is arguably the most critical aftereffect of divorce that the former couple has to sort out.

When it comes to child custody, both parents should make compromises to make sure that all decisions are in the best interests of the children. However, this is not always the case, with pride and emotions coming in the way.

A child custody lawyer will help you reach an amicable agreement that ensures the children’s best interests are met. Here are signs you need a child custody lawyer.

1. Your Ex Has One

Child custody lawyers know what to exploit during the battle. Thus, if you face your ex with nothing but your word, you will be leaving a lot of loopholes to be exploited.

Having an attorney guiding you through the battle will ensure that you do not get exploited.

2. The Case Is Getting Complicated

You might have thought that the case was going to be straightforward, only to realize that the other party has other agendas. For example, they could try to make it look like you are unfit to have kids around you.

Instead of arguing, get a custody attorney to help you present your facts.

3. Jurisdiction Issues

If you are now living in different states or countries after the separation, there are likely to be variations in custody laws between the two locations.

As such, you need a custody lawyer to help you learn how those differences impact your case.

They will then work on a solution that gives you the best chances of appeasing either states or countries.

4. You Are Concerned About Your Kids’ Safety

If you believe that your child’s safety is on the line, you cannot leave any stone unturned.

Thus, in addition to getting yourself a child custody lawyer to help you present that fact, also look into things that you shouldn’t do during a child custody battle.

5. You Are Being Barred From Seeing Your Kids

If they start to deny you visits, cancel last minute, or any other attempts to limit your contact with the children, you should contact a child custody lawyer immediately.

When such behaviors start, they are unlikely to end without a battle. Getting a lawyer will help show that your rights are being violated.

6. Court Is Having You Participate In Some Activities

Whenever the court starts asking you to enroll in certain classes such as anger management or drug and alcohol treatment, then chances are you are not in the court’s favor. Therefore, getting an attorney to represent you is the best course of action.

7. Changing Circumstances

If there are significant changes in either your life or your ex’s such as relocating or remarrying, it is likely that they will affect your ability to see the children.

Being proactive, therefore, and getting a custody attorney will help ensure you do not start getting shortchanged.

Is a Child Custody Lawyer Worth It?

Admittedly, there are extra costs that come with getting an attorney. However, they are crucial to your case since they have intricate knowledge regarding issues of child custody.

A child custody lawyer, therefore, will help ensure that your rights to your children are not violated.

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